Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA)

Bitglass SASE delivers ZTNA in two modes (a) agentless mode for private browser apps (b) agent-based for private thick clients and browser apps

"Bitglass ZTNA uniquely delivers real-time DLP & threat protection with or without agents. Competing solutions require agents, yet do not enforce real-time control."

-VP,  G100 Medical Devices & Services Giant

"What we found with some of the other products was that they were very resource intensive. Some of them also required a lot of on-prem appliances, whether VMs or other things. Bitglass was the only solution that was totally cloud."

-Sr. Security Engineer, 10,000-user healthcare firm

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Agentless ZTNA for Browser Apps

    • Seamless proxy for any app without the need for endpoint agents or configuration.
    • Enforce security policies based on end-point context and security posture. 
    • Dual-SAML proxy for seamless deployment
    • Real-time DLP & threat protection

Agent-based ZTNA for thick clients

  • Controlled access to browser and thick client apps
  • Integrated with the Bitglass SmartEdge SWG 
  • Low latency global PolyScale architecture

Painless deployment

  • Hosted on PolyScale public cloud for fast, scalable deployment.
  • Minimal setup required – add any app with our custom app configurator with a few clicks.
  • Usability, performance and flexibility.
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ZTNA that works

Only Bitglass Zero-Trust Network Access enable real-time agentless secure access to any app, on any cloud, from any device.