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Total Cloud Security

For any app, any device, any network - nothing to install

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The Cloud Security Platform for Digital Transformation

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Secure access to any app
locked devices icon illustrates data on any device scurity


Secure apps and data on any device
secure any network


Secure web on any network
secure any app

Any app

Bitglass' cloud access security broker (CASB) solution uniquely combines security and usability for any app or workload.

Any device

Enable controlled access to sensitive data from any device, managed or unmanaged.
  • Enhance productivity and mobility with security
  • Control sensitive data access by context

  • Agentless real-time control for unmanaged devices

  • Protect apps and devices from threats
secure any device
secure any network

Any network

Security and threat protection on any network with on-device SmartEdge Secure Web Gateway
an analysis of Cybersecurity in the Fortune 500

The Cloudfathers: An Analysis of Cybersecurity in the Fortune 500

The Cloudfathers report found that 77% of the Fortune 500 make no indication on their websites about who is responsible for their security strategy. Additionally, 52% do not have any language on their websites about how they protect the data of customers and partners. 
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Cloud Adoption 2018

Definitive CASB Guide

CASB Definitive Guide

Top CASB Use Cases

Top CASB Use Cases