Why Bitglass?

The Cloud Security Platform for Any Interaction

Founded in 2013 when enterprises were just beginning to adopt the cloud, our founders anticipated an age when users would need secure access on the go to any app and any web destination, on any network and from any device. That heritage is reflected in today’s ability to automatically adapt to evolving security requirements; whether it be for BYOD initiatives, an increasingly remote workforce, or protection against zero day threats and data leakage as the combinations of users, devices, applications, web traffic, and infrastructure create an immeasurable matrix of interactions.

Our platform is designed to protect data and defend against threats for any interaction. It integrates cloud access security broker (CASB), SmartEdge Secure Web Gateway (SWG), and zero trust network access (ZTNA) to enforce a consistent set of policies from a single dashboard; built on our global Polyscale Architecture designed to scale with your business. As Bitglass' Total Cloud Security Platform forgoes the use of costly appliances and serves as a replacement for a number of disjointed point products, customers also report significant cost savings

Apps or CASB

Multi-Mode CASB

As a Leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for CASB, our solution is designed to secure any cloud application (e.g. Office 365, G Suite, Box, ServiceNow, Tableau), as well as IaaS platforms like AWS, Azure, and GCP. As the only true multi-mode CASB, the solution can deliver security over data at rest and data at access. The industry’s only agentless deployment mode leverages Bitglass’ patented reverse proxy to secure any device, including personal and remote endpoints that are physically inaccessible. It delivers:
  • Granular data protection policies that can defend sensitive information and ensure regulatory compliance in real time and wherever data goes.

  • Threat protection powered by AV leaders that can block zero-day malware during upload or download, as well as when data is at rest.

  • Comprehensive visibility and reporting features that detail all app, file, and user activity; perfect for enabling audit and demonstrating compliance.

  • Identity management via native single sign-on (SSO) and multi-factor authentication (MFA) as well as integrations with any leading IdP.


SmartEdge SWG

We deliver the world’s only on-device SWG. By performing decryption and inspection locally on users’ endpoints, users are no longer required to backhaul traffic to a central infrastructure or cloud proxy, eliminating the privacy, cost, scalability, and performance issues inherent in legacy architectures. With our approach, users experience a deeper level of privacy, as only security events are logged and uploaded to the cloud; personal traffic and details remain on the device. It delivers:
  • URL filtering that blocks websites based on user group, device type, and location, as well as destination category and riskiness.
  • Threat protection that blocks access to botnets, TOR networks, anonymizers, and websites that will infect users’ devices with malware.
  • Application controls that govern the use of unmanaged apps; allow or block access, and coach users to sanctioned alternatives.
  • Data loss prevention (DLP) that can identify and halt the upload of sensitive or regulated information to unsafe destinations on the web.
Bitglass ZTNA

Bitglass ZTNA

In addition to cloud and web, Bitglass has proven success securing on-premises resources. We deliver a unique, cloud-based ZTNA solution that forgoes the use of VPN clients. This ensures greater performance, usability, and scalability. Additionally, instead of giving users unfettered access to everything on the network, our solution extends secure access only to specific internal apps; complete with real-time data and threat protection policies. Bitglass provides an agentless option for browser apps and an agent-based option for thick client apps such as SSH and remote desktops. It delivers:
  • Contextual access control and DLP that govern user access and protect sensitive and regulated data patterns from leaking.
  • Native authentication options like SSO and MFA, as well as the ability to integrate with leading identity providers like Okta and Ping.
  • Zero-day advanced threat protection that leverages CrowdStrike technology to halt threats in real time at upload and at download.
  • Comprehensive visibility over all file, user, and app activity through activity logs and reports that enable auditing and compliance.

Polyscale Architecture


With an architecture that maintains “four nines” reliability, the platform is natively architected for and from the cloud. Our Polyscale Architecture dynamically adjusts capacity as load profiles shift – whether these shifts occur because of point-in-time events or permanent adjustments like the surge in remote employees – ensuring consistent experience regardless of the scope or scale of your use case. The Polyscale Architecture is:

  • Built upon the public cloud for maximum uptime and performance.

  • Highly scalable due to self-replicating components that dynamically create capacity.

  • Highly performant across your entire deployment, with a network of over 200 global points of presence that ensure performance and security around the world.

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