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bitglass - the #1 real-time CASB

the only CASB with real-time data protection on any device

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comprehensive inline security

The Bitglass OmniTM multi-protocol proxy architecture ensures that all data, whether accessed from a managed or unmanaged device, is subject to the visibility and control required by the organization, while simultaneously preserving employee privacy across personal applications. Omni Agentless, Bitglass’ reverse proxy capability, leverages patent pending AJAX-VM technology to ensure application resilience. Competitive CASBs either rely entirely on cumbersome agent-based forward proxy solutions, or suffer from breakages and downtime as cloud providers update and change their applications.

integrated DLP and contextual access control

Bitglass is the only CASB with an integrated, high-performance DLP engine. Bitglass dynamically provisions risk appropriate access as defined by the organization, distinguishing between managed and unmanaged devices. While competitive CASBs offer only offer DLP via ICAP integration with premises systems, Citadel DLP is built to sync policies directly from premises-based DLP systems, avoiding severe performance penalties while ensuring consistent policy enforcement anywhere. Citadel utilizes APIs to perform deep inspections of data-at-rest in the cloud, and Omni for inspection of data-in-transit to and from the cloud.

universal cloud security analytics

From initial deployment, the Bitglass system learns user behavior while simultaneously collecting detailed reporting on every user and admin transaction. Increased control, such as step-up authentication, and suspicious activity alerting provide visibility and mitigation to minimize risk.

30 minute deployment

Bitglass is the only CASB built on a cloud-scale, standards-based security foundation. Bitglass’ global footprint is architected with auto-scaling, replication, global load balancing and strict observance of security standards. New customers are provisioned immediately, and Bitglass’ agentless, multi-protocol proxy architecture deploys with no agents or software on endpoint devices, and without changing the user experience.

patented searchable encryption

Harbor Cloud Encryption is the only offering on the market that leverages full-strength, 256-bit FIPS-compliant encryption with 256-bit initialization vectors. The unique, patented technology preserves application functionality such as search and sort.

shadow IT and breach discovery

Bitglass is the only CASB to go beyond Shadow IT analysis to provide a comprehensive view of all risky outbound corporate network traffic. Bitglass Discovery uses the Citadel analytics engine to analyze outbound data flows, leveraging Bitglass’ Shadow IT risk database, and also incorporating over 60 threat feeds including TOR, anonymizers, malware, and more. The proprietary ranking algorithm allows for easy customization and tuning to the specific needs of each enterprise.

integrated identity management

The only CASB with integrated identity management, Bitglass includes native SAML Single Sign-on, Active Directory synchronization and authentication, contextual multi-factor authentication, and more - without the hassles of budgeting for and deploying a third party identity system.


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privacy shield framework certified

We are committed to the protection of our customers' privacy, so we made sure to be one of the first 100 companies certified by the Privacy Shield Framework.