Glass Class - Thwarting Malware Attacks


Glass Class - Thwarting Malware Attacks

Video Transcript

Hello and welcome to another session of Glass Class.

Today, we're going to be talking about Bitglass’ advanced threat protection. Advanced threat protection is a critical component to any complete CASB and also a core of Bitglass' data protection engine. Powered by a next-gen machine learning threat detection technology, ATP is able to identify and stop the spread of known as well as unknown malware.

You may ask "Why CASB advanced threat protection?" Unknown to many, many SaaS applications and IaaS applications lack native threat protection. Google Apps as well as Office 365 do have some basic threat protection protocols within them. However, other cloud apps have little to no built-in detection capabilities. This brings about a twofold issue. One would be the lack of comprehensive threat protection in wide-used apps. Two would be every app's inability of monitoring zero-day data attacks.

To limit the spread of malware and ransomware at access, ATP leverages multiprotocol proxies. Instant analysis can detect and stop threats in real time and with minimal latency. The AV engine helps to scan your files at upload, files at download and your files at rest. What it does is it scores these files for their risk factors. If they are a high risk factor, then they're automatically blocked. If they are just suspicious, then they are alerted to your IT team. For all data, an autonomous decision is made with no human interaction - which makes for a reliable, consistent, productive threat detection.

Thanks for joining us.