Global Telecom Giant Deploys Bitglass

Case Study

This international telecom conglomerate offers managed network and security services worldwide to Global 2000 enterprises.

As data breaches have become a pressing concern in the boardroom at every enterprise, the firm’s customers were looking to it for help. Despite having all the latest security gear, customers were finding breaches impossible to prevent. Consequently, the telecom giant went looking for security solutions capable of early detection.

The CTO and his team set out to evaluate the spectrum of early breach detection products in the marketplace. They first considered APT appliances, but quickly ruled them out as they could not scale to the high levels of traffic experienced by the firm’s clients. Next, the team considered various SIEM apps, but those required a huge amount of manual oversight from trained professionals to monitor the overwhelming number of alerts generated. Lastly, the team evaluated CASB discovery solutions--which led them to Bitglass.

The firm found many CASB vendors’ shadow IT-focused discovery solutions to be inadequate, missing the greatest threats to data security. It quickly became clear that only Bitglass delivers a single solution that identified data breach risk from malware, TOR networks, anonymizers, phishing, and unauthorized cloud app usage.

Bitglass provides an elastic, multi-tenant solution that can digest logs from any leading firewall to identify and rank high-risk outflows. The system uses over 60 threat feeds, combining both proprietary and open data sources for malware, TOR networks, anonymizers, phishing, and cloud applications. No other solution delivers the same level of threat intelligence, scalability, and flexibility.

“After testing the various discovery solutions on the market, only Bitglass offers the scalability and threat intelligence required for our Global 2000 customers.”

—CTO, Telecom Giant