Video - Solutions Granted Case Study Video 

Solutions Granted - Case Study Video

My name is Michael Crean, I am the owner, founder and CEO of Solutions Granted. Solutions Granted is a managed security services provider based in the Washington DC metropolitan area, partnering with partners on strategic cybersecurity solutions.

One of the biggest changes that the cloud has brought into how we secure data is it’s no longer the traditional brick and mortar locations, it’s now residing everywhere. It brings around a lot of complexity, and a lot of issues that we have to be more nimble and agile in how we are going to secure that data.

As we were trying to figure out our CASB strategy and we decided on going with Bitglass, not only was it the amazing technology, but it was the people. There are so many amazing people that it feels like we’re dealing with a part of our family, and not just a manufacturer that has high expectations of us. In the CASB space, I think people need to take a strong hard look at what Bitglass has to offer - corporate data can be controlled, maintained and redacted if necessary when there is a violation to compliance ensuring that the company can keep that data safe, and get it back when necessary.

Anybody that’s looking to build a business by incorporating CASB, the time is now, you can’t wait any longer. The breaches that are happening within the cloud space are growing bigger and bigger everyday and there’s so much that we don’t even know. It is time to make a decision and that decision needs to be now. One of the things that we really like about the Bitglass CASB solution is the agentless technology. The deployments are fast, they’re quick, and they’re easy, and customers always appreciate a project that is delivered way ahead of schedule.

Be committed to the vendor that you’ve picked, and get strong and deep with their technology and you will see that your business with grow exponentially with your commitment to them. You know, as we continue to look into the future, we see a lot of opportunity between Solutions Granted and Bitglass and we will continue to use this as our one opportunity to secure the cloud.

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