SmartEdge Secure Web Gateway (SWG)

Security for the Cloud and from the Cloud

Legacy network security solutions combine bottleneck appliances with passive agents, leading to high cost and high latency. Bitglass changes all that with its breakthrough SmartEdge architecture delivering low cost and low latency.

legacy swg

Legacy Network Security

Legacy network security solutions leverage a combination of appliances and passive endpoint agents to inspect network security for users in the office or on the go, leading to high management overhead and high latency.  Furthermore, encrypted traffic is inspected at the gateway, infringing on user privacy.

smartedge sase

SmartEdge Network Security

Bitglass SmartEdge Secure Web Gateway combines the flexibility and low management overhead of a 100% cloud solution, while eliminating latency by pushing security to the endpoint via a smart endpoint agent. Endpoints carry their own on-device SWG, locally terminating SSL and inspecting all network activity for blocking threats and data leakage.  This architecture combines high performance, low latency and low management overhead all in a single solution.  And preserves privacy for the end user. Read more about which SWG architecture is right for you.


SmartEdge SASE: CASB + SWG

With Bitglass, enterprises get an integrated SmartEdge SWG and Next-Gen CASB as a complete cloud security solution for any device - fixed devices behind the firewall, laptops on the move, and mobile phones and tablets.

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Next-Gen cloud security

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