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shadow IT discovery

Shadow IT refers to the acquisition and use of public cloud applications without IT’s involvement or knowledge. While Shadow IT has always been an issue to some extent, the emergence of cloud-based applications has made it a major problem - anyone with a credit card can purchase and deploy cloud apps. Today’s IT leaders must continue to protect corporate data in light of this new reality. Discovery and assessment of cloud applications in use across the organization is the first step. Cloud Access Security Brokers (CASBs) typically include a Shadow IT discovery component. The leading CASBs have extended beyond simple Shadow IT discovery to provide a more comprehensive “Breach Discovery” capability, which incorporates all high-risk traffic leaving the corporate network.

Fundamental to Shadow IT discovery is the ability to identify cloud application usage, typically by ingesting firewall or proxy logs, and to provide risk assessment for those discovered applications. That data should be correlated with other high-risk traffic, such as malware command & control, anonymizers, and more, in order to identify which traffic represents highest likelihood of a data breach, either by insiders or malicious outsiders. From there, those applications deemed suitable for the organization should be safely enabled through a CASB via proxies and APIs, which can close critical security and compliance gaps.

Bitglass is the only CASB to offer a comprehensive view of risk on your corporate network, including not only a comprehensive shadow IT database, but intelligent analysis of all high-risk outbound traffic including malware hosts, C&C, proxies, anonymizers, and more. Only Bitglass breach discovery provides

  • Comprehensive view of risk on your corporate network helps you shrink the window to identify breaches and limit damage
  • Proprietary ranking algorithms show you the riskiest activities, taking the manual time and effort out of triaging security alerts
  • Automated threat assessments are fully customizable for your organization’s needs
  • Correlated analysis over time helps discover risks that are invisible to transaction-based firewalls and web proxies
  • Fast & easy deployment - simply upload/stream firewall and/or proxy logs to Bitglass’ cloud based system

discover breaches and shadow IT today

Learn how a global telecom giant leverages Bitglass breach discovery to provides its customers with a low cost, effective solution.

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