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Shadow IT & Breach Discovery

Many discovery solutions can detect shadow IT, but only Bitglass provides intelligent analysis of all outbound traffic. Powered by a proprietary global risk database and analytics engine, Bitglass Discovery features prioritized alerts and comprehensive detection of potential threats at all stages of a breach.

Learn why global telecom giant turned to Bitglass to provide breach discovery services for its clients.

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Quickly uncover threats to corporate data security

  • Detect and identify risky outbound data flows from your network.
  • Discover and limit damage from Shadow IT, malware, anonymizers and more.
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Intelligent, time-saving alerts

  • Automated threat assessments powered by Bitglass' analytics, customized to your organization's security policies.
  • Long term risk assessments. Discover threats that are invisible to traditional firewalls, web proxies and NGFs.
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Fast + easy solution deployment

  • Simply upload/stream firewall or proxy logs.
  • Nothing to install – Discovery is a highly scalable service.
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Learn more about Insider Threats

Secure your corporate network from threats from shadow IT and breaches today. 

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