With tens of thousands of cloud apps on the market, it’s infeasible to create policies for each of them, yet that’s exactly what security & compliance groups are tasked to accomplish. Bitglass’ Zero-day Unmanaged App Control provides both visibility and control for any cloud application, even if that app was previously unknown. 

Learn why this global telecom giant turned to Bitglass to provide shadow ITdiscovery services for its clients.

Control Access to Any Unmanaged Application

Control Access to Any Unmanaged Application

  • Patent-pending machine learning technologies automatically detect leakage paths in any application or web traffic.
  • Block, coach or control unmanaged applications. Control provides read-only access to unmanaged apps, controlling leakage while allowing access.

Shadow IT Discovery
Glass Class: Shadow IT Discovery

Shadow IT Discovery

  • Discover shadow IT applications from any firewall or proxy.
  • Bitglass Zero-Day Shadow IT has an automated index of reputation ratings for any cloud app, known and unknown.
  • Index currently features hundreds of thousands of apps, more than 3X the competition
  • Classify shadow IT applications across dozens of security & compliance indicators, easily tuned to the specific needs of your organization.

Fast + Easy Solution Deployment

Fast + Easy Solution Deployment

  • Simply upload/stream firewall or proxy logs to Bitglass Discovery service
  • Modify DNS to Bitglass for “Read-only” unmanaged apps
  • No proprietary agents to install on premises or on devices.

Bitglass Awarded Fundamental Patent for Cloud Access Control

Since the patent was filed in 2015, the technology has become widely adopted by leading cloud security vendors.

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