Video - RFA Case Study Video 

RFA - Case Study Video

RFA is a managed service provider that's been around for about thirty years now. We are servicing hedge funds all over the world and we try to figure out actual needs of the clients and create a technology solution that addresses the unique requirements of technology landscape, the regulatory landscape based on a specific geography, as well as their business strategy.

We  are looking for solutions that allow us to provide prevention, rather than just simple monitoring of data flow. We find that commitment to excellence is what allows us to become a partner to our clients, rather than a technology solution provider – and that partner is Bitglass.

Before Bitglass, we actually tried a number of solutions. It was very difficult to troubleshoot. Bitglass is willing to stay with us every step of the way. A huge amount of support is being provided to us in terms of help with implementation training.

When we discovered Bitglass, we already had a roadmap to move our clients from private, on-premise restructure or private Cloud deployments. Bitglass allowed us to expedite this roadmap and go to market quicker with a solution that was more robust and more cost effective at the same time. We see it as a requirement and part of our long-term strategy for public cloud solutions.

One of the features to Bitglass is that ability to stand in front of custom applications. It acts as a proxy. This is actually quite a unique functionality that you typically do not see with the other CASB solutions.

Bitglass exceeded our expectations. The value of security products such as CASB, such as Bitglass, is critical for any CIO or any security technologist in this space. Making sure that data doesn't flow without authorized access, and making sure that ease of use and security go hand in hand. Together, RFA and Bitglass rock the CASB.

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