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Total Office 365 Security

Empower your workforce

Office 365 has revolutionized productivity, but poses a risk to corporate data. Bitglass enables IT teams to protect data in real time across all Office 365 apps, including Sharepoint, Yammer, and Word.

Learn how a Fortune 100 healthcare firm uses Bitglass to secure Office 365 across corporate and personal devices.

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Real-time security for the entire Office 365 suite

Office 365's native security controls are not comprehensive enough for many firms – with key blindspots in the areas of data security and unmanaged device access. What if a user uploads a Word doc of PII into OneDrive, and accidentally shares it publicly?
Bitglass enables you to enforce data security policies on Office 365 in real time. Moreover, Bitglass provides cross-app visibility, empowering you to discover suspicious and abnormal behavior. If a user accesses Powerpoint Online from LA, and then an hour later tries to access Excel Online from NYC, Bitglass can flag and prevent that login.
  • Limit risky behavior with custom access control policies. Prevent potential data leakage by controlling external sharing, and mobile download + sync.

  • Cloud encryption for Office 365 keeps sensitive data shielded from anyone outside your organization.
  • User behavior analytics ensure immediate response to suspicious activities and compromised credentials - across all of your cloud apps.  

dlp everywhere

Intelligent, integrated Data Loss Prevention

Sensitive data will inevitably find its way into your Office 365 tenant, whether intentionally or unintentionally. Bitglass' DLP engine protects Office 365 data, both at rest and in motion, preventing mission-critical business data from falling into the wrong hands.
  • Use policies from Bitglass' library of prebuilt policies – which address common sensitive data types. Or build your own using Bitglass' intuitive policy creation tool. 
  • Bitglass DLP provides varying degrees of data remediation from watermarking to quarantining to blocking. Be instantly alerted of data security policy violations. 

Data protection everywhere

Office 365 enables your users to work anywhere – your security solution needs to be able to scale to meet this challenge. Bitglass' multiprotocol proxies enable real-time protection of your Office 365 data on any device, no client software or agents required. For example, Bitglass enables you to redact PCI from an Excel spreadsheet that users download to their home PCs, while allowing unrestricted download on work machines. 
  • Protect and remediate data across managed and unmanaged computers, tablets, and phones.

  • Enforce security policies on corporate mobile devices and BYOD without MDM
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comprehensive Office 365 security

Organizations are quickly migrating to Office 365 to take advantage of the cloud's low cost, scalability, and feature set. To secure Office 365, IT needs a solution that controls access and protects data in the cloud.

Learn how you can better secure Office 365 in our overview.

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