Glass Class - Mobile Security Evolution


Glass Class - Mobile Security Evolution

Video Transcript

Hi. I'm Chris Hines, Product Marketing Manager here at Bitglass. Today we'll be discussing the evolution of mobile security.

The first age, was the age of MDM. In this age, it was all about controlling the device. There are several issues that come as a result of this. The first one is privacy. When you lock down a user's device, you can see all their personal emails to their doctor, to their spouses. You can see all of the information in their personal applications as well. So it becomes very invasive. The second piece is that there's actually no data protection or control over your sensitive data.

The next age, was the age of MAM. In this case, the goal is to wrap applications. But when you do this, you end up violating licensing agreements and applications end up breaking.

Today, it's all about the data. This data centric approach to mobile security. In this case, it allows for a great user experience because there's no software on the device. It's not invasive. You're only looking at personal corporate data versus personal data. It also allows for data protection, as well as control. You can use things like DLP. Based off of the sensitivity of data, you could track, you can encrypt it, you can mask certain portions of it, or you can block it altogether from coming down to devices. You're able to meet both side of the scales. You need the IT security team to have the security and visibility over your sensitive data but, at the same time, allow your users to get their work done and in a way that doesn't define the way that they do it.

Chris Hines, Product Marketing Manager here. Thank you for joining today's Glass Class session.