Next-Gen CASB: Zero-day Managed App Control

Protect your data across all managed enterprise cloud apps

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Bitglass enables data security on any device without agents for managed applications. Our cloud access security broker (CASB) solution protects data end-to-end, from any cloud app to any device. Enforce access controls, limit sharing, protect against malware, avoid data leakage, and more.

"We can inspect for anything we want: file fingerprinting, PHI-sensitive data, PCI-sensitive data. It does not matter. We can block it in transit and do our remediation with it. It could either be block, encrypt, or allow and watermark the file to follow it and see where it goes."

-Sr. Security Engineer, 10,000-user healthcare firm

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Protect Data in Motion

Bitglass offers a customizable, fine-grained approach to data security. With a robust cloud DLP engine and Zero-day Threat Protection capabilities, Bitglass automatically takes action on data based on content and context. Prevent data leaks and stop threats while enabling user mobility and productivity.
    • Authenticate users across all apps with Bitglass' integrated SSO or a third-party IAM. 
    • Safeguard data traveling to or from the cloud via a spectrum of DLP controls including encryption, redaction, and watermarking.

    • Stop all known and unknown threats instantly with Bitglass' predictive anti-malware engine, powered by Bitdefender, CrowdStrike, or Cylance.
    • Control sharing permissions and access to data-at-rest in the cloud with Bitglass' deep API integration.

    • Click the image on the right to see a demo of the admin and user experience for blocking file uploads to and from Atlassian Jira.

Visibility and Analytics

Bitglass gives you a single-pane, cross-app view into the details of your employees’ cloud usage. Uncover potential threats in real time. Customizable alerts allow for instant visibility of emerging threats. Bitglass integrates with popular SIEMs to consolidate security awareness.
  • Identify sensitive cloud data at rest and unauthorized external sharing.

  • Detect and be alerted instantly of suspicious behavior with User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA).

  • Empower employees to use the cloud while remaining compliant with regulations like HIPAA and GLBA. 

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Real-time Security without Agents

Bitglass' agentless proxies intermediate traffic between the cloud and any endpoint, all without installing invasive profiles or agents on end-user devices. Easy deployment, easy management.
  • Easily distinguish between managed and unmanaged devices to control access.


Enable your employees to
use the cloud securely

Learn more about how Bitglass' cloud security solution can help your organization safely transition to the cloud. 

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