Video - John Muir Health Case Study Video 

John Muir Health - Case Study Video

Jon Russell: John Muir is a healthcare integrated delivery network in the East Bay of San Francisco. We have about six thousand employees and about a thousand physicians that support our community. Technology is absolutely important to how we provide services to our patients, they expect it and to be competitive in this healthcare environment we have to be able to provide resources to both our clinicians and to our patients to meet their expectations in this very quickly evolving technical environment.

William Hudson: The fact that there are mobile devices in everybody’s hands, the data is in multiple different places – they are using their own security solutions. Whatever I do, I have to provide it in a way that is unobtrusive, that secures my organization, and facilitates the ability for physicians to access patient data – and that was one of the big things for us with Bitglass, is the fact that Bitglass was an agentless type of solution, right. So I am able to deploy this really cool solution that’s going to solve these problems and challenges I have over security in terms of how the data is getting managed and moved. Having agentless means I am only securing the things that I’m providing you, and so it is much more palpable for the physicians that are worried about their privacy when they connect to us, and use our solutions.

After having a conversation with the Bitglass team, and the leadership, it was clear they got the specific challenges and needs we have in healthcare. It was also an organization with really good technology. So, we looked at a lot of different types of solutions, but Bitglass offered a solution that we could deploy within the confines of our IT and solutions to provide secure access to the data. No matter if the physician was accessing the system from their iPad, or their iPhone or Android device, they don’t have to install anything on their systems, I don’t take ownership or responsibility for that.

Jon Russell: We see a transition into the cloud in many different ways, and to be able to do that effectively, we have to have a relationship with a great partner that secures our data in the cloud and on mobile devices, and Bitglass knocks it out of the park when it comes to that type of relationship.

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