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Next-Gen CASB for Jira Cloud & Confluence Cloud

Secure Project Management & Collaboration

Over 160,000 organizations use Atlassian's suite of software development and collaboration tools, but they are most commonly known for their Jira and Confluence products. As with other major cloud applications, Jira Cloud and Confluence Cloud are not without security and compliance challenges. To close critical gaps, enterprises are increasingly turning to Cloud Access Security Brokers (CASBs), like Bitglass, to remain secure and compliant as they adopt Atlassian apps like Jira Cloud and Confluence Cloud.


Zero-Day Security for Jira Cloud & Confluence Cloud

Organizations that operate in regulated industries or handle highly sensitive data need an added layer of security when they use cloud applications. Fortunately, Bitglass enables your firm to enforce data security policies on Jira Cloud and Confluence Cloud in real time and on any device. Moreover, Bitglass provides cross-app visibility, empowering you to discover suspicious and abnormal behavior. If a user accesses Jira Cloud from LA, and then an hour later tries to access OneDrive from NYC, Bitglass can flag and prevent that login.

  • Limit risky behavior with customizable access control policies. Prevent data leakage by controlling external sharing, mobile downloads, and more.

  • User and entity behavior analytics ensure immediate response to suspicious activities and compromised credentials across all of your cloud apps. 


Intelligent Native DLP

Cloud apps are designed to store large amounts of data, but that doesn't mean that data in the cloud needs to be put at risk. The Bitglass DLP engine protects Jira Cloud and Confluence Cloud data, both at rest and in transit, preventing mission-critical business data from falling into the wrong hands.

  • Enforce DLP policies on data downloaded to unmanaged devices--watermark, block, preview only, DRM, and more.
  • API integration provides visibility and control of data at rest in the cloud--alert, quarantine, encrypt, remove share, and more.
  • Use security policies from Bitglass' prebuilt library, import existing ones from on-prem DLP systems, or build custom policies using Bitglass' intuitive interface.

Advanced Threat Protection on Any Device

Cloud apps that enable file sharing are attractive attack targets for malware. Bitglass’ Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) blocks the spread of known and zero-day threats, ensuring that your Jira Cloud and Confluence Cloud deployments never become proliferation points for the spread of malware across connected apps, managed endpoints, and even BYO devices.  Automatic advanced threat protection policies can be enforced in real-time via proxy for both uploads and downloads.

Cloud security solutions Brief by Bitglass

Enable Employees to Use the Cloud Securely

Learn more about how Bitglass' cloud security solution can help your organization protect Jira Cloud and Confluence Cloud.

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