Video Transcript

Hi. I'm Shalmali and welcome to another exciting episode of Glass Class.

Today we talk about how CASB's can help you secure your data at risk in your cloud applications. As an organization, you have multiple applications, like Office 365 and Google, and each of them have their own file sharing solutions, like OneDrive and Google Drive.

As a user, I can go create multiple documents in these and can share it outside the organization. Now, these documents can have sensitive content. So how I can control this using a CASB. As a CASB, I can connect to these applications using the API and give you complete visibility into the content of these documents.

So, as an admin of these applications, you can enforce policies to make sure that sensitive content is not shared outside the organization. So you can go remove a share of a document, you can quarantine a file, and it can notify the owner of a file that his file has been quarantined.

Thank you and we'll see you next time.