Healthcare, Life Sciences CyberSecurity, and HIPAA compliance

Cloud and mobile boost employee productivity across the healthcare sector. And CASBs enable data protection and compliance under HIPAA.

"We can inspect for anything we want: file fingerprinting, PHI-sensitive data, PCI-sensitive data. It does not matter. We can block it in transit and do our remediation with it. It could either be block, encrypt, or allow and watermark the file to follow it and see where it goes".

-Sr. Security Engineer, 10,000-user healthcare firm

"Our experience with Bitglass has been very positive. From the start, it was very easy to configure the proxy for our online services. Following configuration, it has been very easy and intuitive to add custom rules and fine-tune alerting."

-Director, HIE & IT Operations, US healthcare firm


Healthcare Breach Report

In this report, Bitglass uncovers the state of cybersecurity for healthcare firms over the last year. By parsing data from the US Department of Health and Human Services' "Wall of Shame" database, the Next-Gen CASB was able to learn about the leading trends and challenges faced by healthcare organizations today.


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HIPAA-compliant cloud usage

  • Strong authenticate with native SSO and contextual step-up multi-factor auth for risky logins.
  • Visibility and control of sharing permissions, usage, and more with detailed audit logs.
  • DLP visibility and enforcement on sensitive data with PHI
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Enhance mobility: secure any device

  • Enable healthcare professionals with multiple hospital affiliations to access corporate files on any device.
  • Maintain control and visibility over data without agents, profiles, or certificates.
  • Protect against lost and stolen mobile devices with OS-level encryption, PIN requirements, and remote wipe capabilities.
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Prevent data leakage

  • Intelligent, content-aware DLP limits access to data in risky contexts.
  • Redact, watermarks, and encrypt sensitive files at upload or on download.
  • Identify potential breaches or malicious activity with cross-app visibility.

The only agentless CASB

"We have hundreds of unmanaged devices in use by clinicians at John Muir Health... Bitglass’ Next-Gen CASB solution provides the security, manageability, and flexibility that we need to protect data across our environment”.
- Bill Hudson, VP of IT, John Muir Health

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