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Bitglass for Healthcare & Life Sciences

Cloud apps and mobile devices have led to huge boosts in employee productivity in many organizations across industries. In the healthcare sector, a number of security precautions be taken both to protect data on mobile devices and in the cloud, and to achieve compliance under HIPAA.


Healthcare Breach Report

One in three Americans' healthcare records were leaked as a result of hacking and IT-related breaches.

Learn more in our full breach report.

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HIPAA-compliant cloud usage

  • Protect data in transit with end-to-end encryption between any employee's device and the cloud.
  • Securely authenticate users with single sign-on and automatically step up to multifactor auth for risky logins.
  • Track downloads, sharing permissions, usage, and more with detailed audit logs.
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Enhance mobility: secure any device

  • Allow healthcare professionals with multiple hospital affiliations to access corporate files on any device.
  • Maintain control and visibility over data without agents, profiles, or certificates.
  • Protect against lost and stolen mobile devices with OS-level encryption, PIN requirements, and remote wipe capabilities.
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Prevent data leakage

  • Citadel intelligent protection limits access to data in risky contexts.
  • Content-aware data leakage prevention redacts, watermarks, and encrypts sensitive files at download time.
  • Identify potential breaches or malicious activity with cross-app visibility.
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The only agentless mobile solution

BYOD security program adoption has stagnated in many healthcare orgs due to poor user experience and employee privacy concerns. Only Bitglass enables secure access on any device without invasive agents.

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