g suite & google drive encryption

encrypt Google Drive with Bitglass HarborTM

For some organizations, encryption can be the best way to adopt public cloud applications like Google's G Suite, but many CASBs and cloud encryption gateways fall short, either breaking application operations or weakening encryption in order to preserve those same operations. Bitglass HarborTM is the only full-strength, operations preserving encryption offering on the market, protected by US Patent 9,047,480 and is used by leaders in financial services, healthcare, and more.

When applied to Google Drive, Bitglass' Cloud DLP solution scans all data in your Google Drive environment, so that you can either encrypt everything in Google Drive, or more commonly, your most sensitive and/or regulated data. Encryption key management leverages your choice of Bitglass' native key management functionality, or you can bring your own and integrated with your existing HSM solution via standards-based KMIP support.

Key features include:

  • Patented, FIPS compliant 256-bit AES encryption with 256-bit initialization vectors, provides industry standard, military grade encryption without compromising application functionality
  • Easy-to-use policy engine allows you to decide what to encrypt in Google Drive - DLP pattern matching and several other contextual variables can be used to apply Google Drive encryption conditionally.
  • Leverage Bitglass’ integrated key management or integrate with your own key management system via KMIP
  • Protect Google Drive data end-to-end, by encrypting data-at-rest in Google, in transit to the device, and by dynamic application of encryption and/or digital rights management to files upon download.
  • Comprehensive support for all G Suite and other SaaS security and compliance concerns including DLP, visibility, access control, mobile data protection and more.
  • Deploy in minutes using Bitglass’ globally-hosted, high-performance SaaS solution or on your premises or private cloud
  • Future proof support for a wide range of cloud applications like Salesforce, Office 365, Box, ServiceNow and more.