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Next-Gen CASB for Financial Services

While cloud apps increase productivity and agility, they also can complicate compliance issues and increase the risk of business-threatening data breaches. Bitglass enables leading financial services organizations to adopt cloud apps like Salesforce Financial Services Cloud and Office 365 without compromising security and compliance. Furthermore, Bitglass Zero-Day protection for unmanaged apps converts any cloud app into a "read-only" app, enabling organizations to safely enable apps that business users need to communicate with customers.

Learn about a major financial services corporation uses Bitglass to secure its cloud apps.

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cloud apps and financial services

For organizations in the financial services sector that need encryption of data-at-rest in cloud apps like Salesforce and control over access to productivity apps like Office 365, CASBs can help.

Learn how a top bank uses Bitglass in our case study.

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