Glass Class - Drawbacks Of MDM

Glass Class - Drawbacks of MDM

If you're an IT leader, you're probably wondering why your BYOD program has stagnated in adoption. The reason is, for a lot of organizations, that they've rolled out MDM, or mobile device management, a solution that has a lot of issues with respect to privacy and user experience. Employees just don't want to install these invasive agents on their personal mobile devices, giving employers visibility into personal activity - things like browsing history, things like location data via GPS, things like their login credentials. This is all very sensitive personal information that IT has the potential to have some visibility into with these MDM solutions by routing all traffic, personal and corporate, through the corporate network, through VPN.

The alternative for a lot of organizations is an agentless mobile solution. This is a solution that has really taken hold - an agentless mobile solution that can protect data on any unmanaged mobile device. That means protecting data as it comes down to the device, and data once it's already on the device, without any of the privacy implications of MDM and without any of the user experience drawbacks. That means providing access to corporate data through the native mobile applications that offer a great user experience, and only having visibility into corporate data and not into personal data. That means when you wipe data from a mobile device, that's, say, deprovisioned, you only wipe the corporate data and not the personal data off that device.

A lot of these issues are issues with MDM that have been resolved now with these agentless mobile solutions that have really taken hold in the future of mobile device security.