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Five good reasons to switch to Bitglass Next-Gen CASB 

Trade-in your clunker from Netskope, Symantec, or Mcafee for three months free on Bitglass
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1. Deploy in Minutes, not Years

We get it. You bought a solution that looked great in the lab, but requires agents on every device and is impossible to deploy. Pushing a boulder uphill is not good for your career. Or your health.

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2. Data and Threat Protection

You bought a tactical solution for Shadow IT. But you need a CASB that actually delivers data and threat protection.


3. No Legacy On-Premises DLP required

Bitglass cloud-first CASB includes native high-performance DLP in the cloud.  No need to manage farms of legacy on-premise DLP engines.


4. Real-time Inline Security for Any App, Packaged or Custom

You need a CASB that can secure any app and that prevents risky events before they happen, not Monday morning alerts after risky events. Only Bitglass AJAX-VM technology and multimode proxies can do that.


5. Agentless Security for Managed and Unmanaged Devices

Bitglass secures cloud access from both managed and unmanaged devices. No agents or proxy settings required!

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