Full-Strength Searchable, Sortable, Encryption

Bitglass is the only full-strength CASB that protects sensitive data in any cloud application.

Full-Strength Encryption

Full-Strength Protection

  • Patented, FIPS compliant 256-bit AES encryption with 256-bit initialization vectors.
  • Only Bitglass provides industry standard, military grade encryption without compromising application functionality.
  • With Bitglass, you can control your own keys or use AWS’ native KMS.

Resilient, Operations Preserving

Resilient, Operations Preserving

  • Only Bitglass’ split-index technology enables 256-bit Advanced Encryption Algorithm AES while supporting features like search and sort in Salesforce.

Encrypt Data in Any App

Encrypt Data in Any App

  • Encrypt any file or field based on granular data patterns you define.
  • Whether a SaaS app like Salesforce, an IaaS data lake, or data in a custom app, Bitglass Harbor can apply the same full-strength encryption to all your data.

Advanced Regex and DLP Use Cases

It is imperative that organizations deploy modern DLP solutions that leverage advanced regex and Boolean Logic instead of basic regex for simple pattern matching. Download this solutions brief to learn more.

Learn More About Encryption

Only Bitglass Cloud Encryption provides full-strength encryption for any app. Learn more in our whitepaper.