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Glass Class - Clinching Cloud Compliance


Glass Class - Clinching Cloud Compliance

Video Transcript

Thank you for joining today's Glass Class. Today we're going to talk through security concerns within regulated industries. Now, all industries are looking to move to the cloud, but regulated industries, specifically, they're looking to adhere to compliancies to ensure that they're protecting the data in an appropriate manner. Now, there's three verticals that tend to pop up. The first is healthcare, second is financial services, and the third is retail. So, healthcare, you'll be dealing with PHI data, financial services, PII data, and then, with retail, PCI. Now, as these organizations move out to the cloud, they need to look at new security tools to help secure that data as it resides in this new landscape; so, new security tools outside of a next-gen firewall or potentially a secure web gateway.

Now, as they're out to the cloud, Bitglass can provide two key security controls – access controls as well as data loss prevention. Access controls entail understanding who the user is, type of device that they're coming in on, as well as the location. These items help to determine how the user consumes the data. The second piece is identifying what is sensitive within the cloud, so, DLP. Once you have an idea of what is critical within the cloud, then you can enact encryption, digital rights management, as well as blocking – cases around blocking certain users to consume that data, or secondly blocking so that the cloud footprint never even sees that data that's concerning. These are the security concerns that pop up, this is how Bitglass helps to address them in the regulated markets, and thank you for joining today's Glass Class.

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