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Next-Gen CASB for G Suite Security

Security, flexibility & mobility

G Suite provides access to corporate data from any device, anywhere, improving IT flexibility and employee productivity. But those gains come with security and compliance challenges. Bitglass enables enterprises to deploy G suite without sacrificing security.  Next-Gen CASB with Zero-Day real-time protection across all  G Suite apps.


"[Bitglass'] integration with Microsoft 365 and G Suite has been working extremely well. It caught hacking attempts from China and Iran. We've learned how to customize Bitglass to prevent logins from unsafe countries and to prevent uploads of data from Microsoft 365 and G Suite."

-Sr. Director, IT Systems & Network, Professional Services Firm


Learn about how a US-based global business data giant uses Bitglass to secure G Suite for its 20,000 employees.

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Zero-Day security for G Suite

G Suite's native security controls are inadequate for enterprises in regulated industries or those with valuable intellectual property. What if a user installs the GDrive app on Grandma's PC and syncs a large number of corporate files onto to that device? Or what about the malware-infected airport kiosk device, that a user unwittingly uses to check email while traveling?
Bitglass enables you to enforce data security policies on G Suite in real time, from any device. Moreover, Bitglass provides cross-app visibility, empowering you to discover suspicious and abnormal behavior. If a user accesses GDrive from LA, and then an hour later tries to access GDrive from NYC, Bitglass can flag and prevent that login.
  • Limit risky behavior with customized access control policies. Prevent data leakage by controlling external sharing, and mobile download + sync.

  • Patented searchable Encryption shields data from anyone outside your organization.
  • User behavior analytics ensure immediate response to suspicious activities and compromised credentials - across all of your cloud apps.  

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Intelligent Native DLP

Cloud apps are designed to store lots of data, but that doesn't mean you need to put that data at risk. Bitglass' DLP engine protects cloud data, both at rest and in motion, preventing mission-critical business data from falling into the wrong hands.
  • Enforce DLP policies on data downloaded to unmanaged devices - watermark, block, preview only, DRM and more.
  • API visibility and control of data rest in the cloud -alerts, quarantine, encrypt, remove share and more
  • Use policies from Bitglass' library of prebuilt policies, import from on-prem DLP or build custom policies using Bitglass' intuitive policy tools.
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Advanced Threat Protection on any device

Cloud apps enable your users to be productive on any device anywhere, and your security solution needs to match. Bitglass' Next-Gen multi-protocol proxies enable Zero-Day protection of your data on any device, no client software or agents required. Messaging and file-sharing apps are attractive vehicles for for malware. Bitglass’ Advanced Threat Protection (ATP), powered by CrowdStrike or Cylance, blocks the spread of unknown and zero day attacks, ensuring that your G Suite deployment never becomes a proliferation point for the spread of malware across your managed or BYO devices.
  • Protect and data across managed and unmanaged computers, tablets, and phones.

  • Inspect and block known and unknown malware threats in the cloud, or in transit to or from any device.
  • Enforce security policies on corporate mobile devices and BYOD without MDM

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Learn about how Bitglass Next-Gen CASB secures Gmail, GDrive apps, and more.

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