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cloud access security broker (CASB)

what is a cloud access security broker (CASB)?

CASBs are data-centric security platforms that protect data end-to-end, from SaaS, IaaS, and custom cloud applications to any endpoint. By proxying traffic between cloud apps and end-user devices, CASBs offer control and visibility over all your corporate data.

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CASB technology
CASBs leverage proxies and APIs to protect data in the cloud and at access. Proxies enable real-time, inline security while API integration provides control over backend functions like external sharing. Most enterprises require a hybrid CASB that provides both proxy-based and API-based protections for comprehensive cloud data protection.
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components of a complete CASB solution

identity management

access control

  real-time cloud DLP

visibility and analytics

mobile data protection

advanced threat protection

cloud encryption

breach and shadow IT discovery