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The Importance of Uptime and Performance in Cloud Security

By Jacob Serpa | April 20, 2021 at 5:00 AM

Imagine that you just purchased a brand new car featuring all of the latest bells and whistles. You're excited to take advantage of speed camera detection and try out the heated seat backs and armrests. Unfortunately, when you go to turn your car on, nothing happens. If the vehicle doesn't work, then what's the point of having it and all of its exciting features? Ideally, you want something that provides the latest bells and whistles but also performs as promised whenever you want. This is equally true for cloud security solutions. 

Cybersecurity Downtime in Recent Weeks

Over the last several weeks, the importance of uptime and performance for cloud security solutions has been on full display. During that time, we have been receiving calls from other SASE vendors' customers as they wrestle with their existing security solutions' downtimes. Unfortunately, one competitor's product recently went down for fourteen hours, while another suffered from six outages in fifteen days. These kinds of events not only expose organizations to increased risks, but can disrupt the normal flow of operations and even grind business continuity to a halt. 

Typically, these service outages find their origins in the underlying infrastructure upon which a vendor's products are built. Most SASE providers have opted to create and maintain their own networks of private data centers in order to power their solutions. However, this approach essentially amounts to an attempt to match the level of service provided by public cloud companies that have dedicated entire businesses to it.

As we observe these outages, a common question is raised: how has Bitglass maintained its industry-leading uptime of 99.99% since 2014?

Bitglass: Built in the Public Cloud on a Polyscale Architecture

Bitglass' platform is built in and delivered through the public cloud, meaning that the company is able to focus on driving innovation with its security technologies rather than managing a fleet of data centers. Leaning on public cloud providers in this way powers Bitglass' unparalleled uptime as well as its Polyscale Architecture, which adapts in real time to changes in customers' load profiles, ensuring maximum scalability and performance around the clock and anywhere in the world. The cloud already has virtually infinite redundancy, storage, and compute power--why try to reinvent it? True cloud security should be delivered from the cloud itself.

Want to learn more about our platform and how we provide unrivaled performance, uptime, and scalability to organizations across the globe? Download the brief on our Polyscale Architecture below.

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