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Tiny Budgets & Big Responsibility – Equipping Your Cyber Security Army

By Annie Wang | December 1, 2014 at 8:00 AM

MIB_CricketWhen “Agent J” (Will Smith) was given “The Cricket” in Men In Black, all he saw was a tiny weapon seemingly incapable of inflecting any real damage. But when he fired it, he saw it’s true potential. IT security teams are in a similar position. They have small budgets, seemingly incapable of purchasing any truly effective security solution, especially with cyber criminals continuing to churn out advanced security threats. But what if they could achieve much more firepower than they think? What if the burden of data protection could be lessened?



The Situation

According to Spiceworks, 98% of IT professionals are concerned about the impact on security that mobile devices can have on the workplace.  In addition, 54% of organizations expect an increase in the amount of employee-owned devices (currently 35%) being used in the workplace. Despite this concern, budget restraints and a clear lack of concern have slowed the adoption of effective data security solutions. Today, only 18% of employees believe that their organization has sufficient security in place to prevent against BYOD breaches.

IT security teams are responsible for the lifeblood of their company, their data. This means going to battle each day with some of the smartest cyber criminals that the world has ever seen. It also means that IT teams need weapons in their arsenal that work. Ones that actually address today’s security vulnerabilities of cloud applications and BYOD security. Unfortunately, many companies attempt to copy and paste traditional security solutions that worked in the past, into a completely different format, the new mobile connected world. Firewalls and anti-malware protection just don’t cut it any more as they don’t protect data outside of the firewall.

Whether the reason for reusing old security methods is to reduce expenses or an unwillingness to accept the reality of today’s security predicament, companies must re-think their approach. Otherwise they will be placing their IT security team into a battle that they will lose, and will inevitably lose in the war of trust 


Adding Mercenaries To Your Cyber Security Army 

For small and medium sized business, this responsibility can be too much to bear. If your company doesn’t have the ability to prevent breaches from occurring there is no shame in asking for help. There are security solutions that allow for total data protection. They can integrate well with your existing technology and can deploy extremely quickly (we are talking 30 minutes or less). They also don’t put your company’s wallet in a chokehold.

Look for a security solution that can secure these 4 areas:

  1. At Access – Make sure the solution can protect access to certain cloud apps. Contextual access control, data leakage prevention, and watermarking on some key factors
  2. On The Device – You must be able to block certain types of highly sensitive information from coming down to devices i.e SSNs and PHI.  If a device is lost or stolen, you need to be able to remote wipe any corporate data on the device. It also needs to be device agnostic.
  3. In The Cloud - Must be able to encrypt data at rest in cloud apps in the company’s private cloud. This combines the security of private cloud with the flexibility of a public one.
  4. On The Network – Company’s should be aware of all cloud application running on their network. Find a solution that can provide you with this visibility. And yes, there are solutions that allow you to do this for free.

Tiny IT budgets can go a long way. Stop trying to apply the security solutions of last generation to a new generation based on cloud and mobile technologies. This will only leave you frustrated, broke and breached. Find a security mercenary built in the cloud and mobile era, for the cloud and mobile era.

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