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the yugo of CASB?

By Nat Kausik | September 15, 2016 at 11:10 AM



Yesterday we got an inbound call from yet another financial services organization.  A year ago, they had purchased a CASB from another vendor.   Shiny chrome. Amazing price.  But still not deployed.  And undeployable.

Can we show them a demo they  asked.    So they could work towards fresh budget for a solution that was actually deployable.  Apparently, they were directed to Bitglass by a major analyst firm that referred to us as the "Cadillac of CASB."  

Our sales team was happy to oblige.  Over the course of the demo the customer's frustration with the other vendor became obvious (a) agents on every device looked great in the lab but went nowhere in the real world (2) antiquated DLP that was difficult to set up and amazingly suffered high false positives AND high false negatives.  The demo session closed with the customer declaring "call me January 2 at the start of the new budget year!"

When you are evaluating CASB, look beyond the chrome and bargain pricing. Does it work?




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