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The Tail wags the Dog?

By Nat Kausik | March 7, 2016 at 8:00 AM



Recently, a Fortune 50 Healthcare giant chose Bitglass as their CASB.  At first, they asked us to hook up our CASB hosted on AWS to defer all DLP calls via ICAP to their on-premise DLP engine from Symantec.  We told them we can support this configuration but recommend against this since performance would be poor.  Indeed, in contrast to other CASB vendors, Bitglass is the only complete CASB with a native high-performance DLP engine.   See my earlier post entitled "Whole Enchilada." As deployment date approached, the customer changed their minds. Apparently, their Symantec Solutions Engineer told them that it was a bad idea that would overload their on-premise DLP engine.    As a result, the customer ported all their DLP rules from their on-premise engine over to Bitglass.

Shortly thereafter, we had an interesting feature request from another customer, a Fortune 100 Financial Services company.  They wanted our DLP engine in the cloud to accept inbound ICAP DLP requests from their network.   They wanted to migrate all their DLP rules to Bitglass and eliminate their on-premise DLP engine entirely.

Yes we can!



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