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The Need for Comprehensive DLP in The Remote Workforce

By Juan Lugo | June 8, 2020 at 5:00 AM

Cloud adoption has granted unprecedented data accessibility over the years. As data continues its migration to the cloud, industries the world over are experiencing a vast increase in organizational productivity and efficiency.

These are only a couple of the far-reaching benefits that cloud adoption offers. However, the growth in accessibility is accompanied by extensive risks and threats that can easily compromise large pools of data. Therefore, while the cloud enables employees to work on and off-premises from a multitude of devices, organizations must be mindful of which security tools they implement to secure it.

Enterprises must prioritize solutions that can secure data and allow conditional access on managed and unmanaged endpoints. Traditional cloud access security brokers (CASBs) aspire to meet this demand, however, only Bitglass provides comprehensive data loss prevention (DLP) capabilities with both granular and elastic configurations--without hindering organizational productivity. Enterprises can leverage Bitglass’ DLP to protect all types of data, regardless of where it is accessed and who is accessing it

The Next-Gen CASB provides a broad ream of tools that do not impede team efficiency or the user experience, but rather increases the ease of use without the need for disjointed solutions. The solution is managed from a single portal, which offers complete visibility and control over all activity, minimizing the potential for data leakage in the cloud. Teams that implement Bitglass’ cloud DLP can work remotely and access sensitive data from their preferred devices, knowing that their privacy and the integrity of the data won’t be compromised. Organizations can easily define policies to identify and protect sensitive data, enabling secure personal device access--with minimal latency. As such, data can be easily accessed from managed and unmanaged endpoints in a risk appropriate fashion, by deploying key remediation features such as watermarking/tracking, redaction, encryption, digital rights management, blocking, and more. 

Bitglass’ DLP technical brief emphasizes how organizations can leverage predefined data patterns, how they can create custom policies to meet their granularity requirements, and how the agentless CASB swiftly ingests premises-based policies without hindering performance or security. Click the button below to learn more about what you can do to swiftly deploy a sound DLP solution and secure your remote workforce.

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