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Saturday Security Spotlight: Facebook, IoT, and AI

By Jacob Serpa | April 14, 2018 at 5:50 AM
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Here are the top cybersecurity stories of recent weeks:

  • Facebook fails to protect user data
  • Equifax breach leads to mass credit freezes
  • IoT security spending poised to skyrocket
  • The National Lottery breached
  • AI expected to be used in more cyberattacks 

Facebook fails to protect user data

A former employee of Facebook recently discussed the company's lack of visibility over its users' personal information. In particular, when data is used by apps and third parties, little concern is given to security. Facebook has apparently been pursuing a strategy of growing at all costs. 

Equifax breach leads to mass credit freezes

Equifax's breach last year is still impacting Americans. Nearly one in every five US citizens is reported to have frozen their credit as a result of said breach. While the cost for an individual credit freeze varies, US citizens paid a staggering $1.4 billion in total. 

IoT security spending poised to skyrocket

The internet of things is continuing its march upon the enterprise, increasing the number of devices that access corporate data each day. As this increases the likelihood of threats like malware making their way into corporate systems, Gartner is now projecting that IoT security spending will reach $1.5 billion in 2018.

The National Lottery breached

The National Lottery has been breached and a number of user accounts are beginning to exhibit unusual activity. Camelot, the parent company, is advising its customers to change their passwords while it investigates. This is the second breach the company has experienced in the last eighteen months. 

AI expected to be used in more cyberattacks

Machine learning is being used in more and more next-gen technology. Unfortunately for the enterprise, machine learning is now expected to be used by nefarious parties executing cyberattacks, as well. This is expected to increase the speed and efficacy of attacks in the near future. 

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