Security "Bits"

"Security is now a business issue"

By Nat Kausik | June 21, 2016 at 1:00 PM


Recently I got a call from the CTO of a very large financial institution.   Their balance sheet has more zeros than most of their peers.    

I was concerned.  What did we do wrong?  I said very little and let him do the talking.  "The cloud is inevitable," he said, "we can no longer fight it.  The apps we operate in our data centers are holding the business back."  So far so good!

"Which brings me to the reason for this call.  We cannot move to the cloud without security, and that's where Bitglass comes in.   When we sit with our clients we have to tell them that their data is safe in the cloud, with the strongest encryption."

What's the catch? Is there another shoe to drop?  As it turned out, no.  "This is an important project for us, and I need your complete support to make it a success. Security is now a business issue," he said.



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