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MDM is Dead, According to End-Users

By Annie Wang | July 7, 2015 at 9:56 AM


Obsolescence is the state of being which occurs when an object, service, or practice is no longer wanted... Obsolescence frequently occurs because a replacement has become available that has, in sum, more advantages than the inconvenience related to repurchasing the replacement… typically, obsolescence is preceded by a gradual decline in popularity.

Dear MDM solutions,

Have you heard the news? Employees are speaking up. They don’t like being under the watchful eye of their employers and they are demanding employers who are deploying MDM solutions to adopt data-centric solutions that do not infringe on the privacy of the end-user. 

Users who were required by their employer to download ‘Big Brother’ applications like MobileIron, Xenmobile, Airwatch, etc were defiant from the start. After all, who would feel comfortable with their employer taking undue control over their personal device?

Organizations ignored their employees concerns. They wanted to secure corporate data on their employees personal devices at any cost. If that meant infringing on the privacy of their employees, then so be it. 

But that wasn’t the worst part: MDM rarely ever secured corporate data.

MDM solutions lack the capability to control data transferred to the device. Organizations in regulated industries (financial, healthcare, etc) who are deploying MDM solutions are in violation of their compliance standards. These organizations are willfully neglecting their responsibility to prevent certains types of unencrypted data (PII, PCI, PHI, etc) from being downloaded to their employees mobile devices. That’s a no-no.

Bitglass controls data transferred to the device according to access controls and DLP policies, and provides visibility and alerting for compliance and security. In regards to user privacy - Bitglass deploys with no software agents or apps to install on the device, ensuring control over corporate data but no undue control or tracking of the user’s personal device and applications.

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Sukhmen Nijjar
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