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Education is moving to the cloud faster than any other industry

By Salim Hafid | December 17, 2015 at 10:00 AM


Among the findings in our latest Cloud Adoption report was an incredibly high rate of adoption in education, up from 23% a year ago to 83% in 2015. This speaks to the massive demand in these institutions from both students and faculty for easy-to-use cloud applications with built-in sharing and collaboration functionality. At issue here is the sensitivity of much of this data. Universities know that the value of research is such that it needs to stay secure, but also understand the reality that faculty needs have evolved such that they need access across multiple devices in a number of different contexts.

Where faculty members are increasingly opting to use Dropbox or G Suite, the right solution is a data-centric security approach. Cloud Access Security Brokers offer the best of both worlds, the flexibility of cloud apps and effective data security through visibility and access controls. The University of North Carolina at Charlotte is one great example of an institution that chose Bitglass to secure data shared using Dropbox.

Many institutions that have successfully made the move to a public cloud app, still don't have the ability to apply DLP to data stored in the app. Granted, Google and Microsoft offer some built-in security, but there are drawbacks, namely that the protection offered by these cloud app vendors isn't as comprehensive as that offered by a CASB.

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