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More IT Security Pros Need to Think Like This Guy

By Rich Campagna | May 9, 2014 at 9:00 AM


I talk to a lot of IT Security Professionals, and one thing that has become clear is that they increasingly fall into one of two camps: those that are embracing the massive changes sweeping across their world (cloud, mobile), and those that are fighting it tooth and nail.  Chris Thibault falls into the former camp, and conveyed his thoughts quite eloquently in a recent discussion thread. 

Chris: "I feel like there is a growing divide happening. Many established companies are pushing into the cloud because their users are 'forcing' them. But they are dragging the boat anchors of 'controlling' every aspect of it that they can. This necessitates things like gateways and proxies that need to be on-premises. But what happens when a user is working remotely? From home or in a public space? Should you “force” them to VPN back to the corporate space only to go back out again through the proxy? That seems wasteful. And in my opinion, if you make it 'complex' for user they just won’t bother. Or they’ll find an easier way... and potentially do it without you."

Chris definitely gets the point that today's savvy employees can find ways to work around IT if IT doesn't provide the apps and user experience that they want. 

Chris: "What I like about BitGlass is that you’re able to do that 'in the cloud.' So, on my side of this divide, I’m looking at devices like a Chromebook instead of a laptop. Or an iPad. Or I really don’t care what you use as long as it has a browser. Cause if I can make it work for a Chromebook or an iPad, making it work on a Windows Laptop is easy."

The point here? Employees want choice when it comes to devices as well, and that anything Chris rolls out needs to work across the full spectrum of devices, including BYOD. 

Do you consider yourself an IT security innovator like Chris? Tell us more about how you're embracing cloud and mobile in the comments section below. 




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