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By Annie Wang | April 29, 2014 at 9:00 AM


When I first heard this acronym I thought, did they really mean BYO-B? Wait, is this similar to when Mom and Dad would leave the house and I would phone my friends to tell them to come party with their own bottle? Well, our work place is much like a college party, we invite our colleagues to bring their own devices to the party and consume all that sensitive data – alas, BYOD! 

Prior to joining Bitglass, I didn’t really have much knowledge of BYOD – I had to know more, so I started digging into what’s really happening with the BYOD trend (lots).  What I quickly realized was that everyone claims to do some sort of BYOD security, but do they really? Whether they do or not, here are some concerns that many IT pros seem to share:  

  • Why continue dealing with the hassle of providing managed devices like Windows laptops or Blackberries, only to have them left in a desk drawer in favor of the employee’s device(s) of choice? 
  • Why deal with the burden of on-boarding, managing, and de-provisioning devices? Doesn’t that just erase many of the cost savings gained by moving to BYOD in the first place?
  • What happens with files after they are downloaded? Is it possible to track a document that an employee leaked (on accident or purpose) and be able to find the culprit?

It’s just plain annoying, right? 

Then after learning more about BYOD, I had even more questions/concerns that pertain directly to me as an employee:

  • If I BMOD (bring my own device), will my personal stuff be monitored too? (ie: apps, text messages, personal email, etc?) 
  • What if I leave the company? Is it possible to just wipe JUST my work email?
  • Why deal with all the headaches of not being able to VPN or connect to work from anywhere, and most importantly from any device of my choice? And why can’t I just connect to apps like Gmail or Box the way that I do with my personal accounts?

Even in my first week here at Bitglass, these questions were still running through my mind. Then I got a demo and it pretty much answered all of the concerns I had – life changing I tell you! It was a light bulb that went off in my head - who knew such technology could exist? Well, friends it does and its here to stay.

If you had the same reaction to BYOD as me (or maybe not), or if you just want to learn more about BYOD without the hassles, check out this whitepaper on Moving Forward with Mobile and Cloud Securely. 

Share your thoughts/concerns/comments below. 



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