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BYOD Done Right

By Nat Kausik | August 28, 2015 at 11:23 AM

Some months ago I had occasion to visit with the CIO of a leading technology company.  Will refer to them as Company A.   They had moved to the cloud with Office365 and made a significant investment in BYOD security with 20,000 licenses of AirWatch for their full-time and contract employees.   Call me in 6 months said the head of security.

At around the same time, I spoke with the CIO of another leading technology company.  Will refer to them as Company S. 

They had not yet moved to the cloud and still ran Exchange.  But being a rapidly growing company, they were big believers in BYOD. To achieve compliance in the context of their IPO on NASDAQ, they purchased MobileIron to secure BYOD.

Fast forward six months.   I had forgotten about both these meetings when I received an email from the security lead at Company S, who had just moved there from Company A.   He was candid that the MDM rollouts had failed at both companies and it was time for "BYOD Done Right."

Since the security team had experience with two different MDM solutions already, they knew that trying a third one in SAP Afaria or Microsoft Intune was not going to be any different.  Deploying agents on BYOD devices is a stubbornly expensive and impossible task.

The Bitglass team had Company S up and running in an hour.   



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