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The Most Disruptive Technology Yet - How IT is Handling It

By Annie Wang | November 27, 2013 at 9:00 AM

disruptBusinesses see mobility and cloud as two of the most disruptive technologies within the next three years. New challenges arise for IT in terms of securing corporate data and figuring out how much control they have over cloud apps and BYOD.

Various blogs and publications even go as far as to say there’s an “epic battle” raging between employees and IT. Now isn’t that sensational?

There are, however, an increasing number of rogue cloud apps in the enterprise and many employees bring their own smartphones as opposed to using company-provided ones. But, are CIOs and IT managers really taking steps to clamp down on all of this?

We can’t forget that CIOs and IT managers actually want to incorporate the latest and greatest technology in the workplace. And given the potential for productivity gains from mobile and cloud, disruptive technology is a good thing.The key to all this is finding the right services to do so securely.

Current technologies like MDM and MAM aren’t really cutting it. The technology is too controlling, specifically when it comes to BYOD where employees use their personal mobile devices. MDM, for example, gives IT control and monitoring capabilities over an employee’s personal device.

So if the current tools aren’t making the cut, what else can businesses use? That’s where Bitglass can help. For more information, contact us for a demonstration or a free trial.



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