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Boardroom Heroes: Part 2 – Prepping for 2016’s User Revolt

By Annie Wang | August 31, 2015 at 8:00 AM


“2016 will be the year of the user revolt” – Gartner analyst, Gartner Catalyst Conference

During the Gartner Catalyst event a couple weeks back I spoke to with an analyst about the use of Cloud Access security brokers for mobile security. He had just finished a presentation on the use of EMM solutions in the enterprise. He said that cloud access security brokers are positioned perfectly for the “user movement.” 

He believes that 2016 will be “the year of the user revolt,” when employees will ban together to fight against the use of MDM or MAM solutions for mobile security. Invasiveness and poor productivity being the driving force. It was music to my ears.

But what does this mean for the Boardroom hero? It means that not only will your boardroom continue to face the possibility of the next mega breach occurring at your organization, stealing from the bottom lines they are valued on, but they will also have a potential internal revolt on their hands. Employees will start to speak up about the lack of privacy. Boardroom members themselves, whom several also use their own devices at work, will speak up as well. It means that you now have an opportunity to step in and solve this challenge, putting an end to user complaints, while also helping to reduce the risk of a breach. You can be a hero. 

Now that you know of the upcoming revolt, you have the ability to get ahead of the issue. But how? Using a data centric security solution, especially when it comes to mobile security will enable enterprises to be productive, being mindful of the need for usability and privacy the employees have now come to expect. This means that you have got to part ways within your traditional EMM solutions. I know this isn’t easy. Especially since 45% of enterprises today are using either an MDM or MAM for mobile security. But realize this. These technologies provide no data protection, and define the way that employees get their work done. Locking down the device, or application will only frustrate users and prevent your BYOD security program from rolling out successfully.

When it comes to mobile security, it’s best to have a light touch. Find a solution that helps you in securing data flowing to mobile devices, and in remaining compliant with industry regulations like HIPAA and PCI. While also making your end users happy. It’s time to learn The Art of Compliance & BYOD Security. Afterall, every hero needs to have its super powers. Batman had Ra's al Ghul as his trainer (didn't turn out well, but still). You have Bitglass. 

Stay tuned for Part 3. 

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