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Your Data Has Left The Building

By Rich Campagna | September 6, 2013 at 8:00 AM

 Bitglass was founded to address the data security problems that rise at the intersection of cloud and mobile, two trends reshaping the IT industry.  As users go mobile and applications move to the cloud, more and more of your organization’s business happens entirely outside of the corporate infrastructure.  The result?  Lost visibility and increased risk of data loss.  Addressing these security risks requires new technologies that provide for policy enforcement in the cloud.  Enter Bitglass. 


Backed by premier venture capital firms NEA and Norwest, we have recruited a superstar team with deep expertise in networking, security and SaaS application technologies.  Our team has been hard at work since the beginning of the year, developing the next generation of technology to secure enterprise data where cloud meets mobile.  

Bitglass provides transparent data security, anywhere.  Any user, any device, any application, delivered transparently from the network, with no changes applications or to devices.  Bitglass makes it possible to say yes to the mobility and SaaS apps that your users want while providing the assurance that your data is protected, your compliance requirements are met, and that you are aware of where your data is, at all times.  


We are currently in beta, and invite you to a free trial.




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