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Bitglass Beta Week 1: Users Love Mobility, Hate MDM

By Rich Campagna | September 17, 2013 at 8:00 AM

The Bitglass Beta program began exactly a week ago when we invited a couple of dozen customers to try our offering.   Here is what we learned.

 One week into the beta, it is clear that IT pros are keenly aware that their users want all the mobility they can get - productivity anywhere, anytime.  At the same time, users have a strong dislike for company installed MDM agents managing their personal BYOD devices.  In fact, we have even encountered IT professionals involved in selecting and deploying MDM software who refuse to install such on their own mobile devices.  The broad view is that their personal smartphone carries both their personal and their corporate data and communications, and they don't want their employers spying on their personal data.  Being IT professionals, they have figured out a number of workarounds to get their email on their smartphone without installing MDM  - one Global 2000 CIO has set up a backdoor to forward his company email to his personal email account!

In short, IT pros want to support enhanced productivity via user mobility.  But being users themselves, they want to avoid invading the privacy of their users by installing MDM software on their personal mobile devices.   Any technology that can secure mobile data without installing software on mobile devices is poised to enjoy success.



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