By leveraging a true cloud architecture and native AWS integrations, Bitglass can integrate your best-of-breed SD-WAN solution with a full suite of data and threat protection capabilities. This provides organizations with an end-to-end SASE platform that easily fits into and secures cloud, web, and network ecosystems--without requiring security teams to build and maintain complex, resource-intensive integrations. This stands in stark contrast to competing SASE offerings which integrate with a limited set of SD-WAN solutions.

Bitglass provides the leading SD-WAN integration ecosystem, boasting integrations with Aruba, 128 Technology, Fortinet, Silver Peak, Citrix, Arista Networks, Aviatrix, Sophos, Cisco, Alkira, Aryaka, Palo Alto Networks, Versa, and more. 

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Secure Access for HQ, Branch, and Remote Users

Through the power of AWS Transit Gateway Connect, Bitglass is able to integrate with any SD-WAN solution connected to the public cloud via AWS. Traffic stemming from any remote location that is destined for the cloud, the web, and even on-premises resources can be routed to Bitglass for the enforcement of granular security policies. Organizations can continue to use their best-of-breed SD-WAN while benefitting from Bitglass' leading product suite:


Secure Data in Any Location

With Bitglass, SD-WAN integrations extend the same data protection policies from data centers to branch locations. From a single dashboard, administrators can configure a single set of automated policies that can secure access to corporate resources and prevent data leakage for any interaction between any devices, apps, web destinations, on-premises resources, and infrastructure. 
  • Bitglass' specialized DLP engine offers a variety of detection mechanisms beyond simple keyword matching; customers can leverage advanced regex, exact data match, file fingerprinting, and mime types to identify sensitive data patterns, files, and fields.
  • A range of remediation actions for securing sensitive information are available with Bitglass: block uploads and downloads, redact sensitive information from the bodies of emails, quarantine or create copies of sensitive files at rest or at upload, and more. 
  • With Bitglass, granular contextual access controls dictate who is allowed to access sensitive files and systems; access can be governed by variables like user group, device, and location, as well as custom factors that you define.

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Protect Branch Locations from Advanced Threats

Secure branch locations against malware across all devices, applications, web destinations, on-premises resources, and infrastructure. Unlike competing solutions with basic functionality, Bitglass advanced threat protection (ATP) is powered by integrations with leading AV vendors like CrowdStrike, Cylance, and Bitdefender, enabling customers to choose the engine they would like to utilize. 

  • With Bitglass ATP, organizations can leverage advanced, behavior-based detections that use machine learning to identify any threat, including brand new, zero-day malware--something that cannot be accomplished with signature-based protections.
  • With the power of Bitglass' SASE platform, customers can block threats whenever and wherever they may occur; for example, at rest in the cloud, at upload to on-premises apps, or at download from the web. 
  • Bitglass ATP can be deployed in an agentless fashion, making it a perfect fit for BYOD environments where controlling software installations on personal endpoints is infeasible. 
Delivering Superior User Experience and Performance from the Edge

Delivering Superior User Experience and Performance from the Edge

Bitglass is the only SASE offering architected in and delivered from the public cloud. It forgoes the performance and scalability challenges associated with appliance-based platforms that rely on networks of private "cloud" data centers. With a 99.99% uptime since 2014, its Polyscale Architecture automatically scales and adjusts to customers' load profiles. The architecture is:

  • Built upon the public cloud for maximum reliability, powering a 99.99% uptime.
  • Distinctly and automatically scalable because of self-replicating components that dynamically adjust to created needed capacity on the fly. 

Bitglass SASE

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Bitglass SASE with SD-WAN

Organizations need a secure access service edge platform that can integrate with any SD-WAN solution.

Bitglass is able to deliver just that.