Zero-day Threat Protection, powered by Cylance

Bitglass Next-Gen CASB with Zero-day Threat Protection, powered by Cylance, combines the best of traditional signature-based malware scanning with advanced Zero-day threat protection to thwart known and unknown attacks. 


Cylance-powered detection

    • Predictive AI-based engine highly effective for identifying zero-day malware.
    • Detect known malware instantaneously without behavioral analysis. 
    • Autonomous block/allow decision requires no intervention from IT.
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Real-time protection

  • Stop the spread of malware and ransomware with instant blocking.
  • Detect threats at download and upload from any cloud app or device, managed and unmanaged.
  • Low-latency solution requires no sandbox, identifies malware in milliseconds using file characteristics.
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Painless deployment

  • Hosted on AWS for fast, scalable deployment.
  • Minimal setup required – with one click add ATP detection to the Bitglass policy database.
  • Invisible to end users with no agents required on unmanaged devices and no signature updates.
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Malware protection that works

Malware and ransomware are major and growing threats. Only Bitglass + Cylance can stop known and unknown threats before your cloud app is compromised.


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