Ad Agency Secures Office 365
with Next-Gen CASB

Case Study

This global ad agency headquartered in the western United States was looking to migrate from an on-premise solution to Office 365 in order to cut costs and increase employee productivity. Office 365 offered the latest software features, required no on-premise infrastructure, and could be accessed by users from any device, anywhere, for maximum productivity.

Some of the ad agency’s large clients, including Microsoft and Walmart, had concerns about the security of their creative assets, so the ad agency looked into adding another layer of security to their public cloud apps. The agency decided they needed solutions for single sign-on, mobile security, and access control. After looking at offerings from several vendors, the agency determined that the Bitglass Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) was the only solution that met all their requirements—a complete SSO solution, mobile security, API-scanning, DLP, and access control on both managed and unmanaged devices, all in a single integrated package. The agency chose Bitglass.

Bitglass enables the agency to synchronize their directory via AD, and enforce SSO control on all cloud apps, including Office 365. Bitglass also features API integration to monitor and control sensitive data in Office 365, and delivers contextual access control of the data—by user, by device, by geography, network location, and more. Users on managed devices are allowed full access to data while users on unmanaged devices have limited access to data. Bitglass ensures that users on unmanaged devices are not permitted to install client software that automatically syncs SharePoint and OneDrive data. Bitglass also delivers mobile security capabilities, requiring device pin and encryption, and enabling selective wipe without invading user privacy by installing agents on the user’s device. Best of all, the Bitglass solution is a SaaS offering in itself so no software is required.

No software. Zero touch. Visibility, security, and compliance.

“After comparing a number of CASB solutions, we found that only Bitglass delivers a complete solution for SSO, Mobile and Access Control.”

—CIO, Global Ad Agency