Glass Class - The Demise of MDM


Glass Class - The Demise of MDM 

Video Transcript

Hi, everyone, and welcome to another edition of Bitglass Glass Class. Today, we're going to be talking about agentless mobile security. We have many clients that come to us because they've struggled to roll out an MDM solution. Some of the reasons why that's the case are, from the users' perspective, the resource load on the phone is quite high, meaning that there is high battery use, high resource allocation for these MDM solutions, and users don't really want that.

Their user experience is also not very good since they have to install an agent on their device, and they oftentimes have to use clunky containers for the calendar and the email that belong to the corporate account. The privacy of the users is also not respected on an MDM. An MDM can intercept any and all traffic going to the phone and make that available to the IT administrators.

For the administrators' side, the deployment can be very slow as well. It can be very hard to deploy agents on every single mobile device, and to maintain them. And maintenance is very high since every time these agents get upgraded, you have to push the new agents down to the devices. And for some of those reasons, the compliance tends to be a real problem. It's hard to convince people to let you install an MDM agent on their device, especially a personal device.

Now, with an agentless solution, some of these problems go away. From a user perspective, the resource use is very low, since there is no agent to deploy on the device. The experience is also very good, because it is a native user experience. We don't have to install third party applications just to secure the device. And, finally, the user privacy is respected since an agentless solution only looks at corporate data and it doesn't look at personal data.

From an administrator's perspective, the deployment of an agentless mobile solution is very fast. Since no agents have to be rolled out on every single device, it's very quick to get things up and running. The maintenance is also extremely low. Once agentless mobile security is deployed on a particular device, there's hardly any reason to touch that device in the future. It just works. And finally, compliance is very high. Since the agentless mobile security respects the experience and the privacy of the user, there's hardly any reason for anyone to opt out.

Thanks for joining us for Glass Class.