Video Transcript

Hi, everyone, and welcome to today's Glass Class, where we're going to be talking about the complete data protection stack that a CASB can offer. As you can see here, there are seven main elements. First is identity. Identity provides a strong foundation for any cloud security strategy. Building on top of identity is user behavior analytics and logging, audit, and the whole set of things that a CASB can provide in terms of visibility across your cloud application portfolio. Third piece is access control, where we're taking care of things like access from managed versus unmanaged devices, external file sharing, and more. Third piece is threat. The threat components of a CASB allow us to do things like scan for both known and unknown malware across your cloud applications and avoid proliferation of those very dangerous things across not only your cloud apps, but across your organization as a whole.

Next piece is mobile data protection. This is another critical element. Yes, a CASB is mostly focused on protecting cloud-based applications. But, a lot of what happens with cloud data once it's enabled across your organization is that it's synced or downloaded to a wide variety of mobile devices, both managed and unmanaged. In order for a CASB to truly be complete in terms of its data protection capabilities, it needs to be protecting that mobile data that syncs down to those devices as well. 

 Data loss prevention is another critical area, and really the cornerstone of a lot of CASB rollouts. Here's where a CASB is able to identify sensitive data and build a lot of controls around it - not only things like whether or not a user should be able to access sensitive data from something like a mobile device or shared externally, but a lot of CASBs pair DLP with remediation capabilities that allow you to extend access to data, but in a risk-appropriate fashion. So, encrypting a spreadsheet with sensitive data before it's downloaded to an unmanaged device, as an example.

 The last piece of the CASB data protection stack is cloud encryption. Here's where a CASB allows you to use the public cloud applications that your business demands and really desires, but in a way that allows your organization to maintain secrecy and privacy of its most sensitive data.

There you have it, the CASB data protection stack. Thanks for joining today's Glass Class.