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Technical Support & Services


The global support organization offers in-region services backed-up by unmatched technical expertise and immediate access to senior-level engineers. Members of our support team leverage their expansive knowledge of the Bitglass platform gained through hundreds of worldwide deployments.

We have designed a portfolio of support options to meet the requirements for your organization.

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24/7 Support at Bitglass
Login to the Bitglass support portal to open a support ticket, track its status, or read the latest best practice guides. 
Contact the support team


US: +1 855-277-5356


UK: +44 800 069 8911

NL: +31 20 808 3189


Singapore: +65 800 321 1209




Premium Plus Highlights

Bitglass’ Premium Support gives you access to a team of security experts who will customize a set of prioritized recommendations to enhance your overall security posture. Your organization is eligible for a dedicated Technical Account Manager who will uniquely understand your architecture and customize technical reports and recommendations for your deployment.


This option extends the value of your organization’s investment in the Bitglass platform by enabling you to work with security experts who meticulously analyze the results from your deployment to identify areas of optimization and recommendations to enhance how you secure your assets. These are delivered as recurring reports and meetings to address challenges and questions about your deployment. Your TAM is available to you from the moment you begin your deployment to ensure that your services are running optimally.




"I have used their support quite a bit. They are outstanding. I've been able to call them at any time that I'm here working. It doesn't matter when, they've always been very responsive. "


"The support and company engagement from day one have been great about being open and available. Over time, I have gotten to know all levels of people within their company, including the CEO, and you can't always say that. It goes to their dedication to their customers and company culture. "



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Bitglass Premium Support Guide

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