Only Bitglass SmartEdge SWG architecture inspects traffic directly on the endpoint to deliver security, privacy & low-latency performance for the distributed workforce.


"We tested Bitglass and two other cloud SWG for performance. Bitglass SmartEdge was equivalent to direct access, while the others suffered latency issues and halved the performance."

-Director, Network Security,  G100 Automobile Giant

"Bitglass ZTNA uniquely delivers real-time DLP & threat protection with or without agents. Competing solutions require agents, yet unable to enforce real-time control."

-VP,  G100 Medical Devices & Services Giant

Content Filtering

As users navigate the web, they may access inappropriate content or unproductive websites that distract them from their job duties. SmartEdge SWG provides granular controls, filtering web destinations by user group, device, and location. Content can also be controlled based on category (e.g. malware sites, gambling, pornography, racism, and dozens more) as well as by trust score.

Threat Protection and Browser Isolation

The web is filled with a number of threats that can compromise the security of any enterprise. SmartEdge SWG prevents users from accessing malicious web destinations like malware sites, anonymizers, phishing sites, and command-and-control destinations.  Bitglass offers integrated Remote Browser Isolation for added protection.

Data Loss Prevention

The web is a convenient avenue for users to steal or unknowingly expose sensitive data. The SmartEdge SWG provides market-leading DLP. With Bitglass, sensitive data patterns can be identified in real time with prebuilt or custom identifiers. When users attempt to upload sensitive files to unmanaged apps such as personal email or social media, Bitglass can automatically block the upload in real time.

Demo of SWG User Experience

SWG User Experience

This demo video shows:

  • How the SmartEdge SWG uses very little CPU.
  • How blocking of web sites is granular to the URL path level allowing users to access some subreddits but be blocked from accessing others.
  • How a document with sensitive data can be blocked from being uploaded to an unsanctioned website such as a personal Yahoo Mail account.
  • How a user can be redirected to a coaching web page when they attempt to use a personal alternative to a corporate sanctioned app like Box.

SmartEdge Architecture

Bitglass provides the world’s only on-device SWG. The solution decrypts and inspects traffic locally via a SmartEdge agent on each device, forgoing the need for on-premises appliances, VPNs, network hops, and cloud proxies. This approach ensures enhanced performance, scalability, cost savings, and user experience. Bitglass serves as the certificate authority and provides secure key management on each endpoint to prevent man-in-the-middle attacks.



SmartEdge SWG for Branch Office

Extend the benefits of the SmartEdge SWG to remote workers and hybrid deployments across campus networks.

Bitglass SmartEdge technology uniquely combines the elasticity of the public cloud with the low-latency and high-performance of on-device security controls.  Furthermore, deep integration with CASB capabilities delivers robust protection of SaaS traffic, which is now the majority of HTTPS traffic in the enterprise.

Zero Trust Network Access

Bitglass SASE delivers ZTNA in two modes (a) agentless mode for private browser apps (b) agent-based for private thick clients and browser apps. Easy to deploy and transparent to users, no cumbersome VPN required.  Adaptive access control enforces surgical precision on application access so that users get access to the apps they need rather than the entire network.




Total Cloud Security

Bitglass' Total Cloud Security Platform is designed to provide data and threat protection for any interaction between devices, apps, on-prem resources, web destinations, or infrastructure. From a single console, you can configure policies that deliver consistent security wherever data goes. Bitglass SASE integrates CASB, SWG, DLP, Threat Protection, IdaaS, ZTNA and Remote Browser Isolation.  Simplified deployment and administration, transparent to the user.




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