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Next-Gen CASB for Slack

Secure cloud-based team collaboration

In just a few short years, Slack has skyrocketed to the top of the heap of team collaboration solutions. In many enterprises, it started as small workgroup deployments (Shadow IT) but has grown virally to the point where IT teams can no longer ignore it. With everyone from developers to executives using the tool to exchange sensitive information, more organizations are turning to cloud access security brokers (CASBs), like Bitglass' solution, to bolster the security of data in Slack and meet needed use cases.

"[Bitglass] allows us to put policies in place around which devices can log into our cloud applications. We have a policy that states that only company devices can access these cloud applications. Our most sensitive data lives in our email, which is in the cloud, and in Slack, which is our messaging platform, and it lives in Box which has all of our files."

-CTO, Financial Services Firm


Zero-day Security for Slack


Bitglass automatically scans your entire Slack deployment, across all teams and channels. Through ongoing crawling, sensitive data is discovered, while also identifying high risk sharing, such as public URLs or non-employees in a given channel that contains sensitive content.
      • Identify sensitive data in Slack via Bitglass’ Data Loss Prevention (DLP). Leverage a library of pre-defined policies to scan for PHI, PII, PCI data, and more, or build/import your own DLP policies.
      • Continuously monitor all aspects of your Slack environment to identify sensitive data and files, non-employee members of Slack teams, and publicly shareable URLs.
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Advanced Threat Protection on any device

Cloud apps enable your users to be productive on any device anywhere, and your security solution needs to match. Bitglass' multi-protocol proxies enable zero-day threat protection over your data on any device.
Bitglass’ advanced threat protection (ATP), powered by CrowdStrike, Cylance, and Bitdefender, blocks the spread of unknown and zero day attacks. Policies can be enforced in real-time on the proxy for uploads and downloads, or via API for data at rest in the cloud.
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Learn more about how Bitglass' cloud security solution can help your organization protect Slack.

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