Glass Class – Securing Marketo


Glass Class – Securing Marketo

Video Transcript

Hi everyone, today we're going to be talking about securing Marketo.

So Marketo is a highly popular, cloud based marketing automation tool, which means it's the primary communications hub a lot of companies use to communicate with their prospects and with their customers. And because of the nature of this application, it contains a lot of personally identifiable information or PII.

Obviously this is highly sensitive and regulated data that organizations want to protect for a wide variety of reasons ranging from security, to data sovereignty, and more. And because of the nature of this data, what a lot of companies end up arriving at is that they want to encrypt this data, encrypt all PII as they move to a cloud based application like Marketo.

Fortunately tools like Cloud Access Security Brokers can help accomplish this. And one of the important things is not only figuring out a way to encrypt that data, but allowing the app to continue to operate the way that it's intended to operate. An app like this has a lot of complicated sort of interactions with the outside world.

First of all, we have upload of data from the outside, perhaps a marketer gets a list or some other piece of data that contains new information about prospects and wants to upload that. We want to send email outbound, outside of the organization. Of course, if we're going to communicate with our prospects, we needed to do so in a way that's usually not only, not encrypted cipher texts, but clear text such as their name.

We also have API sync. Obviously, a tool like this is highly connected to a third party application, maybe your CRM software, like a Salesforce, or a wide variety of other types of tools. And then there are internal operations within this application as well where data that's synced up may be operated on, may be transformed and changed throughout the course of using this application. 

What's important here is to find a tool that's going to allow you to encrypt this data, but still ensure that all these functions work properly, whether it's syncing data across the ecosystem of other applications, to which Marketo is connected, or communicating with the outside world.

So building on top of that are a whole host of other data leakage prevention, access control, and other features that can also be accomplished by leveraging a Cloud Access Security Broker. So thank you for joining.